Edging Games Challenge

If the clip will be only for me you can use my name in the clip at the beginning. During the clip you can call me a Pantyhose Bitch. As you know I’m really addicted to this material. Please tease me a few minutes with your Pantyhose covered legs and feet (rub the Pantyhose up and down the chastity cage) and ask me how badly I want to be free. After you allowed me to release your cock from Chastity please give some jerk off instructions and make me to edge myself quite a few times. At the end of the clip please decide if you allow me a ruined or a pleasurable orgasm and if I need to eat my cum up afterwards. If it amuses you, you can also command some Post orgasm torture. After that you’ll lock me back up into Chastity and decide for how long I need to stay locked and what I need to do to get your permission to release your cock again.