Interactive Wanking Games

Can you survive five cum count downs without cumming? (Throughout this video, you will urge me to cum; and you will grow increasingly urgent in your pleas that I give in to the desire to cum.) If you survive all five, you will get a special reward. 1. Can you last if I slip your cock in a black nylon and give you a handjob? (What follows is a handjob, ending in a countdown.) If you came, good bye; stop this clip and try again tomorrow. 2. You didn’t cum? Bet you won’t survive a blowjob. (What follows is a blowjob, ending in a countdown). If you came, better luck next time. 3. You didn’t cum? But you won’t survive a nylon foot job. (What follows is a foot job, ending in a countdown). You survived the foot job? Your stamina is outstanding. 4. I am impressed Michael if you have made it this far. Bet you won’t survive my wet pussy. (What follows is a fuck, ending in a countdown). 5. You survived my pussy? (Switch to a dominatrix outfit, with a riding crop, rubber gloves, boots, strap on black cock, and the like. Begin by squirting lubricant on my cock and stroking it with your gloved hands and the riding crop). Time to get really nasty, Michael. I will fuck you in your ass until you beg for mercy, to let you cum in your hands and eat it. And I will pound, pound, pound as I give you the final countdown. You did not cum? You survived all the countdowns without cumming? Well, Michael, here is your reward. I am locking your horny cock in a chastity cage for a month. (click and then laugh) When I let your cock out, we will play this game again. After a month of chastity, you will be so desperate to cum that you won’t survive the first round.