Nylon Layers Psicho Delirium

This a therapy session for all guys who have a no comun nylon layers obsession. Before you go any further, you should know what this tease entails. The story behind this tease is that you live in the not too distant future where things are, shall we say, a little bit different. You have been found guilty of deviant behaviour and have been sentenced to 1 year. The school tutor is here to train you through psychological and physiological techniques to the extent that the ability to orgasm via conventional means is removed. Graduates of the school find themselves living in a constant state of frustration. They spend hours every day living on the very edge of orgasm, but find that they can never get that last little kick that sends them over the edge. Their minds and their bodies deny them. You find yourself at the beginning of your training. To do this tease series properly you must deny yourself orgasm from the day you start the tease, and it is preferable that you complete each tease as instructed.