You Can’t Live Without Me

I have made this request for maybe 30 min long Black Witch scenario, where and brainwashing of your latest victim – me- using your eyes, lips Berry lipstick and black nylons, feet ass etc, your superlong legs!! When I do look it is apparent you have (close up into the eyes) been to feed on my soul before as a in my dreams in the form of a Succubuss, draing my life from me to make you stronger so you can capture more men and become stronger again and with 100 souls you will have powers of immortallity. You would drain me dry every day and remain bound and helpless victim of your evil desire to rule over submissive men who think and obey slowley more will be turned into slaves who do not think but only obey you forever, and whose only reason for living is to be drained by you, mentally, physicly and finacially, under blackmail spell