A Night To Remember

Your boss tried to fire you. I changed his mind. Here, I have prepared a special cocktail for you. Drink and celebrate. Yes, your boss is a nylon foot addict. All I had to do was hike my skirt and wriggle my toes in his face, like this. I had him pull his cock out, like I am doing to your cock right now, and I caressed his cock with my feet like this, and he caved. He could not resist. He signed the blackmail contract. He agreed to never fire you. Best of all, he spent $5,000 buying all the video clips he stole. Your boss and his hand should have a lot of fun for years. Have another glass Michael, while I tell you my plans for this evening. I am so sexually excited by this victory. Tonight, Brian gets the VR glasses and you get the bedroom. I want your cum, Michael. Over and over. I will start by putting a nylon stocking on your cock. Then, I will have you cum in my hand so that I can taste it. Next, I want your cum between my nylon covered feet. Then, I want to feel your cum in my asshole. Then, in my pussy; I will fuck you missionary style so that I can see your face as we cum together. Then, I want to taste your cum in my mouth, following the best blow job ever. Finally, I want your cum inside my stockings as I slide your cock against my foot inside of one stocking while stroking your cock with the other to a final climax. Are you worried Michael that you might not have the stamina for so much cumming? Fear not, between the half liter of Viagra in the cocktails you just finished and it will take care we will keep you going all night. Tomorrow your cock will be sore and painful. But this will be a night to remember. (At the end of the clip, pull the cock out of the nylons and bring it close to your face; saying) Poor cock. Still erect from the Viagra. But no stamina left, not even a drop. It must hurt. Let me kiss it and make it better. Tomorrow, no matter how much it hurts, my pussy will want your cock again. I will have another Viagra cocktail ready and pain killers. Au revoire, my nylon foot addict.