Nelly’s Teasing Session

Nelly is without a doubt one of my favorite dreamgirl and it seems like she just knows about it! I can confirm that I am now totally addicted to her feet and totally devoted to serve her anytime she needs it! That was after a very long working day with her nylon feet inside her boots so she politely asks me if she could watch a few episodes of her favorite series while I would give her a nice foot massage at the same time. I was more than happy to say yes, and take some good care of her feet after this long day with her boots! She teases me with her boots on before she makes me take them off to totally cover my face with her sweaty nylon feet! They were so sweaty, wet and moist, and actually super warm! I was so excited and that’s probably why she is smiling! She knows what usually happens in my pants when she is covering my face with her sweaty feet! That was also the first time in a few years I had the chance to see her with nylons in her feet, and they were sweaty and smelly as hell! Nelly just makes fun at me and rubs them all over my face. She makes me stick my tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her nylons soles. My cock was hard like a baseball bat at this time and she knew it. She just knows. Nelly secretly unzips my pants to grab my cock out of it and starts to give me a handjob while watching her episode on TV, and rubbing her sweaty feet on my face at the same time. That was so sexy. The sad thing is that you can’t see anything, just because it was unplanned. She totally teases my cock until I was almost ready to explode, then she just stands up and leaves the room, and also leaves me there with my hard cock ready to explode! That was such a teaser! One of my favorite Nelly’s clip for sure! This clip is a classic!