Cant decide whether I would rather suck those toes bare or through the stockings. I know i would do whatever she told me to though. Lounging on a chair by the pool. I don’t know why she wears nylons, but I don’t mind. She can wear – or not wear – anything she likes. She seems to be examining her stockings very carefully and she enjoys that you are watching her. I love the way her toes peek through the nylons – as if they want to reach out to you and have you touch them, maybe stroke them, maybe kiss them.

red head, black shoes, painted toes   stockings painted toes nylons

White shoes are always a turn-on. Blue gloves. This gal has a flair for color. Her nylons on the pier under her short skirt show their hemmed tops. Back home she loves to peel them on while listening to romantic mood music on the radio. Such long toes. While the radio plays sweet songs, she unashamedly lets the camera see her niftily trimmed shadow of a bush and her nice, smallish breasts. She knows we will be watching and acts the exhibitionist we know her to be. I know she trimmed her hair just for us. An artiste she is.

blonde with painted toes   painted toes exhibitionist blonde